Alfred Hitchcock Presents

There are people around today who will still fall to the ground, quaking in fear, at the mere sight of Alfred Hitchcock’s portly silhouette. Not that we blame them. When that deadpan British film director—“The […]

Quantum Leap

Time travel? Been there. Body switching? Done that. Time traveling into somebody else’s body? Friend, you got yourself a TV series! Quantum Leap may have sounded like a gimmicky sci-fi drama on paper, but the […]

Magnum P.I.

After Hawaii Five-O went off the air, CBS had very expensive production facilities on the U.S.’s tropical fiftieth state, but no show to produce in those facilities. So, the network took a contracted actor named […]

The Smurfs

Proving that we indeed are a one-world community, NBC president Fred Silverman bought the rights to the Flemish created characters known as the Smurfs and turned them into one of the most successful and smurfiest […]


The 60’s had Batman, the 70’s had The Incredible Hulk, and the 80’s had The Greatest American Hero, but heroes in tights were tough to come by on 90’s prime time television. Thankfully, there was […]

Amazing Stories

In the tradition of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Amazing Stories was a weekly anthology series that poked at the strange and fantastical part of life—that sneaky little part-fact/part-fiction creature that tramps through […]

Eerie Indiana

This ultra-quirky sitcom was notable for any reasons. Not only did it place the family sitcom in a unique setting and situation, its sophisticated handling of its paranormal elements also paved the way for later […]

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Like any true success, Raiders of the Lost Ark was frequently imitated. Tales of the Gold Monkey was frequently lumped in with the ‘Raiders’ clones but it had actually been dreamt up by creator Donald […]

Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

This well-liked but short-lived Fox TV series was a sort of modern-day take on The Wild Wild West. Bruce Campbell (known to horror fans as ‘Ash’ in the Evil Dead film series) played the title […]

Twin Peaks

If you’re the kind of couch spud that likes literal storytelling, that feels at your TV-viewing best when you’ve got a firm grasp on what you’re watching and total comprehension, then this wasn’t the show […]

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